Grade 6 2015-2016

April 25-29
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Finish mapping the Gray Whale Migration data in notebook and answer questions 1-4 in NB due the next class
  • Thursday/Friday: Finish the Animal Adaptations Webquest and worksheet posted on Google Classroom due Monday May 2.

April 11-15
  • Monday: Finish coloring the DNA pieces by next class
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Finish cutting out the DNA pieces and bring to the next class

Homework March 28-31

Body Systems test on March 30 (per. 4/6) and March 31 (per. 1/3). Study in Notebook:
  • Eye Diagram
  • Names and functions of all Human Body Systems 
  • Gas exchange in humans (how the respiratory system and circulatory system work together)
  • system features applied to a human being

Homework March 21-25

Homework Feb. 22-26

  • Matters of the Heart lab, graph and questions in Notebook due Tuesday Mar. 1
  • Human versus avain skeleton questions and diagram in notebook due Feb. 25
  • extra reading:  Vultures are Revolting: Here's Why we Need to Save Them: read and summarize article

Homework Feb. 16-19
  • Comparing a Human and Avian Skeleton worksheets due 2/22
  • Complete missing notebook work
  • Bird Journal p. 15 completed in class on  2/17
  • Get field trip permission form signed

Homework Feb. 9-12
  • Bird Journal p. 13-14 due 2/16

Homework Feb. 1-5
  • Body Organization Notes in NB
  • Broken bones Notes in NB
  • Bone Tissue Notes in NB
  • Bird Journal p. 11-12 complete

Homework Jan. 25-29
  • The Bird School Project journal p.1-10 complete
  • Prefixes and Suffixes practice page 1 and 2 
  • Prefixes and Suffixes Crossword

Homework Jan. 19-22
  • The Bird School Project journal p.4 due Tues 1/26 
  • Field Guide to Bird Identification
  • Genetic Condition Brochure due Tues. 1/19
  • Turn in all quarter 2 work and make up quiz by Fri. 1/22

Homework Jan. 11-18
Genetic Disorders project due Tues. 1/19
Homework Jan.5-8: 
  • ETs Heredity Review due Wed. 1/6
  • Heredity Workbook on google classroom using Kami or printed out due 1/11
  • Inventory of my traits and graph due in class 1/7
  • Google spreadsheet of traits on google classroom due in class 1/7
Homework Dec.14-18: 
  • Homework:  Poster of Inherited Human Traits activity due Friday Dec. 18
  • Mitosis flipbook (Periods 2 and 4)
Homework Dec.7-11: 
  • Homework: Living Things Webquest due Friday Dec. 11. It is posted on
  • Bill Nye Genes Notes in NB
  • Karyotype Webquest, click HERE
  • Mitosis Notes in NB
  • Mitosis Flipbook (only Period 1 and 3)
  • Coin Toss
  • Probability Notes
Homework Nov. 30-Dec.4: 
Due on Dec. 3 (Per. 1 or 3) or Dec. 4 (Per. 4 or 6), a poster or website (template given out in class) on Design your own Organism, directions are below:

Design your own Living Organism.docx


Teacher Example

Notebook 6 Quarter 2.2015


6th Grade 2015-16

Homework Nov. 16-20: Work on Poster or Website of Design of Organism

Homework Nov. 9-13:

Notebook 6 Quarter 2.2015

Notes in Notebook

Characteristics of Living Things 2015.ppt

2. Lesson Goals on Living Things

3. Observe Videos:
  • Video C. Elegans
  • Video Sea Urchins cell division 
  • Video Sea urchin fertilization 
  • Video: Human white blood cells
  • Video: Elodea leaf cells
  • Videos: Compare 2 videos: Mouse embryonic cells and stem cells
  • Video: Crawling Amoeba
  • Video: Zebrafish development
Homework Nov. 2-6:
  • Osmosis webquest
  • Cell Test Review done in class on Monday, Tues (O day) and Wed. (E day) and due on 
    Thurs. (O day) and Fri. (E day)
  • Cell Test Open Notebook Chapter 4 on Thurs. (O day) and Fri. (E day)

Homework Oct. 26-29
  • Notebook due. Click HERE for example student notebook for corrections.
Homework Oct. 18-23
  • Cell Model Project due 10/23/15
  • Cell Analogy Project done in class

EXTRA CREDIT for Friday: Photosynthesis webquest.  

Due Oct.1(O day) or Oct. 2 (E day): 
1. Show your notebook score to a parent and get their signature on the Feedback page.
2. Go to the Evidence #2 C.E.R. in your science notebook and show it to another person for help with revision. Pick 1 of the following goals to write a revised C.E.R.:
  • More complete sentence structure.
  • Neater handwriting
  • More detailed write-up of evidence
Write a revised Claim Evidence Reasoning showing improvement based on your goal.

Due Sept. 14: Book questions p.25 #1-25. (Check out a Life Science book at the library or use the online book on the tab above.)



Notebook 6 Quarter 1 2015


6th Grade 2015-16