Grade 7

May 16-20
  • ePortfolio will be due on 6/6/15 (title page and all assignments included)
  • Wednesday: Deep Sea Fish Poster due
  • Friday: Food Chain on due on Monday 5/23

Endangered Species Videos:

April 25-29
  • Monday: Finish Species questions writing 2-3 complete sentences per question.

April 11-15
  • Monday: Finish coloring the Biome map. See key here.
  • Wednesday: Finish and turn in Ecology slides on google classroom. See example here.
  • Friday: Project Website and Species Questions to answer with your group.

Species Questions to answer as a group

April 1

Feb. 22-26
  • ePortfolio 2 slides due Wed. 2/24 (elements in human body and elements in the Earth)
  • Set up new Quarter 3 and 4 Notebook
  • Notes in Notebook 2/24 p. 4-7
  • Present Carbon Cartoon 2/26
  • Webquest  due 3/5

Feb. 16-19


  • Chemistry quiz on Friday. Study the Jeopardy game here 

Feb. 9-12

  • Ocean Acidification lab completed 2/10
  • Honolulu declaration worksheet  2/10
  • Nautical Knots and Maritime Careers 2/10
  • The Dangers of Ocean Acidification worksheet  2/12
  • Chemical Change notes
Feb. 1-5

  • Bill Nye Chemical Reactions 2/1
  • Chemical Reaction notes in NB 2/1
  • pH Lab and graph due Wed. 2/3
  • Observations and Questions of sands 2/5
  • Ocean Acidification notes 2/5
  • Begin Ocean Acidification lab p. 1 collect data 2/5

Jan. 25-Jan. 29

  • eWorkbook The Periodic Table due Fri. 1/29
  • electrolysis lab handout due wed. 1/27
  • Bonding Basic notes: Covalent Bonds
  • present atom project
  • atomic basics go here for more help

Jan. 11-Jan. 22

Using the assigned atom, you may use this page for research for the 3 part project:

Examples of Atom Models: (Please reduce waste and reuse items from home!)

Jan. 5-Jan. 9
  • Buoyancy and Density eWorkbook turned in at Google Classroom
  • Activity Sheet 4.1 Proton, Neutrons and Electrons
  • Atoms and Elements Webquest 

Dec. 7-Dec. 11
  • Monday ePortfolio on the Chapter Reading due Tues. 8 AM. Turn in at Google Classroom.
  • Also Monday: Finish Density: Sink or Float in Liquids Lab Questions
  • Wednesday Chapter Reading on Density
  • Friday Density slide due on google classroom

Nov. 30-Dec. 4
  • Monday 11/30  Turn in the Density of Water Line Graph on Google Classroom
  • Wednesday 12/2  Finish Super Scientists by Monday
  • Friday 12/4  Finish Density: Sink or Float in Solids
Nov. 16-20
  • Density Block Lab
  • Water Displacement lab
  • Volume of a Solid practice
  • Density of Water Lab
  • Density of Water Line Graph on paper
  • Edpuzzle video: 5 Facts About Density turned through Google Classroom
Nov. 2-13
Oct. 5-10

Sept. 27-Oct. 4

Sept. 21-26

Living things notes and complete one column of Data Table
Microscope Video

Sept. 8 Online Measurement Homework
and write answers down in the science notebook

Characteristics of Living Things 2015.ppt

2. Lesson Goals on Living Things

3. Observe Videos:
  • Video C. Elegans
  • Video Sea Urchins cell division 
  • Video Sea urchin fertilization 
  • Video: Human white blood cells
  • Video: Elodea leaf cells
  • Videos: Compare 2 videos: Mouse embryonic cells and stem cells
  • Video: Crawling Amoeba
  • Video: Zebrafish development


Notebook 7 Quarter 2 2015

Quarter 2 student notebook example


7th Grade 2015-16